Watch for videos that fit your lifestyle

2 min readNov 17, 2022

Every platform has its own built-in algorithm, whether it is social media or eCommerce. The idea is to reach the target audience fast before the competitors do. Let’s talk about social media algorithm. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more use hashtags, tags, and other algos for users to reach an audience. It’s a great way to reach the audience no doubt many users use this tool and has been effective. Some issues users might face is seeing content on feeds that might be irrelevant to their lifestyle. How? For example, on Instagram, if the user clicks on a video by accident it feeds into Instagram analytics and therefore based on clicks, views the user will see similar content on the feed even if it's by accident.

UBi algorithm is different then most platforms. When a first-time user connects to the app. It will prompt them to a page asking them to identify themselves ex, influencers, fitness expert, and more. This is to create a subcategory for users to see the most influential content first to the most irrelevant.

An essential networking platform gives more power to the user, with a number of ways for users to connect with other users to build a controllable network. It seems more and more people want to become influencers and use their talent to make more money. In order to become top influencer, collaborating with influencers that have higher following to build traction.

There aren’t any SocialFi platforms out there that have the ability to host in-person or online events, so bringing this option onto Web 3 can be challenging. Web 3 is still a fairly new technology, and many are not even aware of the benefit Web 3 is bringing. In just a few clicks, influencers can add an event to their profile. The user sees this on their profile and wants to check it out, it's booked right way, and payment is withdrawn in crypto, but the payment process is not complete unless the event happens in real-time and complete. The full payment is withdrawn and deposited from the built-in wallet into the host's built-in wallet after the event is complete.