How to promote your next crypto on UBi

3 min readOct 11, 2022

Cryptocurrency is something we all are aware of, crypto has been the trend for so long and continues to make a space in the market strongly. As we all know that crypto is a decentralized digital currency designed to be used on a network. Just like fiat money, it can be used as P2P and used to buy goods and services at accepted locations. Crypto has become an economy of its own. There are so many projects and digital assets now and continuously new projects are emerging every day. In order to promote their projects, the biggest trend for promotions is social media marketing. This tool is the most widely used to get people’s attention, (ex, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and more). The problem that most people face is that these platforms are Web2-based issues like data privacy, censorship, and manipulation of user data.

There are many ways to promote a cryptocurrency as listed below:

  1. Social media
  2. Websites or blogs
  3. Content marketing
  4. Crypto ad networks
  5. Banner advertising
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  7. Blockchain and crypto conferences

Above are the major and proper ways mentioned to promote cryptocurrency effectively. But, today we’re going to discuss how UBi, a web 3-based platform can be used to promote crypto projects or any project content in general. UBi is mainly a decentralized focus and trying to fix today’s data problems users face. It has functionalities such as collaborating with other users with just a few clicks, users can send personal invitations. Not to mention, hosting an online or in-person event all on a single platform. The first web 3-based social media platform to bring it mainstream. The audience outreach is greater because a networking platform like UBi was built that way.

UBi is a platform that is bringing a new business model to social networking. In traditional social media, creators work hard to create content, and spend a lot of money but fail to bring traffic to get more followers and views. The biggest problem these days. How do you expect to go from 1 follower to 1 million followers in just a few weeks to months? Influencers don’t start getting paid unless they have a high following ratio, then only brands want to hire for promotion deals. The amount of money they spend on making content, travel, and rent expensive items to attract an audience. This is why social media has created a fake narrative because technically everyone is faking their lifestyle on social media to gain followers.

We urge users to follow the #Post2Earn Model. We are one of first to bring this concept with all-in-one networking ecosystem. This is basically when users have to only post content on their profile to earn crypto rewards. It’s that simple! All users have to upload content and start generating revenue. This will encourage users to add more content and enjoy it at the same time. No one has to fake their lifestyle on social media anymore to capture an audience and gain attention. Gain traction by making real organic content and get brands attention.